Postcards from the Edge

4 Nov

FinlandI love postcards.  Getting them, sending them… whatever.  I have stacks that I have collected from various places I’ve visited, as well as ones I have received from places I’ve never been.  I’m lucky enough to have friends that would appease me and send me one while they are on their own travels.

TaiwanSo, imagine my delight when I came across Postcrossing.  A site where you not only SEND postcards to people you don’t know, but you RECEIVE them too!  Some of my favorites are from Brazil, Portugal, Estonia and Hungary.  And for some reason, there are a ton from Finland.

NetherlandsIn our day and age where email and electronics are a part of our every minute, it is so refreshing to open the mailbox and have a handwritten, scenic postcard with stamps from around the world.  Call me old fashioned, I don’t mind. 

In fact, I kind of like being old fashioned.


One Response to “Postcards from the Edge”

  1. tana November 13, 2006 at 1:58 pm #

    Thanks for the link. I completely forgot about this great website. Have you heard about BookCrossing?

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