Flickr and other fun things to do with your photos…

8 Nov

Paris Mosaic made with Flickr ToysI had heard about Flickr, but didn’t know much about it.  Then one day when I was perusing a children’s photography blog, I finally got the inspiration to check things out for myself.

At Flickr, you can log in using your Yahoo ID (if you have one), and get a free account.  With that, you are able to upload 20MB of photos per month.  You can tag your photos with a keyword, making it easier for you or anyone else to find your photos by category.  Also, for someone like me who doesn’t want just anyone looking at photos of my kid, there are private settings for family and friends.

Once you have uploaded your pictures, you can put them in a photoset, and this is where the fun begins.  Another site allows you to take your flickr photos and turn them into a mini-masterpiece.  You can create mosaics, Polaroids, stamps, etc. all for FREE!  Just save your finished product to your computer (or back to flickr) and print them from home.

So, have at it! Go to town.  Make some Christmas presents, create some scrapbooks or photo albums. 



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