10 Nov

I got married three years ago.  And besides the merging of two hearts, there was a merging of two tons of crap.

How did we end up with so much STUFF?   We both are sentimental people… therefore we’ve kept everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.  Knick-nacks given to us on Christmas-past, birthday cards, school books, things we ‘may need’ to use in the future. 

But thankfully, we’ve gotten to the point where our motto is ‘SIMPLIFY’.  Do we really need to keep every ‘thing’ given to us? NO!  Have we enjoyed said gifts?  YES! Then it’s time to pass it along for someone else to enjoy.  During these past three years, we’ve been trying to pare down what we’ve accumulated in the collective 70 years we’ve been alive.   There have been numerous carloads to the Salvation Army to drop things off (and we try not to buy more when we get there!).  We’ve sold things on eBay, passed items along to friends.  While it’s hard to let go of some things, we’ve realized that they are just things.  

Sure you can move them from home to home, you can’t take them with you when all is said and done.


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