Mom on a budget

11 Nov

sa.jpgWe live comfortably within our means because quite frankly, we don’t make a lot of money.  And that is OK.  We have a budget, and for the most part, we stick to it.  So when it comes to outfitting our daughter, it’s all about the Salvation Army.

Now before you think, ewww, let me do a little ‘splaining.  Looking at my kid, you’d never know that is where 95% of her wardrobe comes from.  She wears Baby Gap, Esprit, Old Navy, and Osh Kosh.  But you’ll never find me shopping at any of those stores – I am not into brand names, and never will be.  They are all from SA – in perfect, no-stain condition, and never have I paid more than $0.50-$1.00 per outfit.  It is like a treasure hunt of sorts.

While I stick to Lane Bryant (because it is hard enough being a big girl finding clothes at a place that actually carries your size), my husband has found some great deals too.  Last week, they had a fill a bag for $15.00 sale, and we picked up a Tommy Bahama (retail $100 – who pays that for a shirt?), Tommy Hilfiger and a few Ralph Lauren pieces – all brand new, I might add.  Some of them still had the tags on. 

I know I sound like an ad for Salvation Army, but really it just makes sense for us.  Don’t knock it ’til you try it!


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