House vs. Apartment: Top 9 Things I am Looking Forward To!

21 Dec

So while we look for a house, I am thinking of all the wonderful things that await me as I wave goodbye to apartment living:

  1. Two toilets:  Three years living in an apartment with one toilet and having to call dibs is not fun. 
  2. Laundry: Not having to use a communal washer & dryer, being able to wash my clothes whenever I want.
  3. Another bedroom: We can finally make an office and let our daughter have her own room.
  4. Dining area: It will be nice to actually eat at a table together instead of sitting on the couch for dinner.
  5. Garage: Woo hoo, a place to store our junk!
  6. Windows: Ah, to have light from all points instead of just east!
  7. Walls: Not only can I paint them whatever color I want, they won’t be adjoining walls to neighbors.
  8. Backyard: A place where my daughter can play without having to worry about the termite-infested balcony falling on her.
  9. Closet Space: With said junk being in the garage, I will have my closets back for actual clothing.

Waiting for pre-approval… pray for us!


One Response to “House vs. Apartment: Top 9 Things I am Looking Forward To!”

  1. Lucky1 March 14, 2009 at 10:54 am #

    I dont know where you live, but I rent for cheap (980/mo in the suburbs of Minnesota) and my home is not close to being that small and dangerous. We have 2 bedrooms, 2 bath, washer and dryer in my unit, upstairs, downstairs, 2 walk in closets, and my own garage. The place was built 6 yrs ago and is nice. If I were you, I would report the termites to the county that you live in, casue that is not safe for anyone.

    Hi Lucky1… thanks for the comment. We actually moved out of there in Feb. ’07. I think since then, the owners have make the necessary repairs. 🙂

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