Tossing and shredding and packing and moving…

10 Jan

I knew we had a lot of crap, but BOY DO WE HAVE A LOT OF CRAP!  While I am looking forward to the move, I am not having fun going through my stuff and boxing it up.

We are terrible at filing, so early on, we just threw old papers in boxes to get them out of the way.  Now, as we are trying to make each box count, I’m going through said paper boxes and shredding my little heart out.

Also, certain decor items I thought were cute twelve years ago when I got my first apartment are not so cute now.  Thank God for Salvation Army where a lot of our stuff is being donated. 

While I wish the escrow period were less than 30 days so we can just move in to our new home, I think we may actually need all thirty days to pack everything up.

What an exciting time in our lives!  I guess I can almost cross off my #1 resolution for this year.  Yay!

Now… who wants to help us move?


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