Current Read: Ahab’s Wife and Holy Fools

25 Jan

Last week, I finished Ahab’s Wife: Or, the Star-Gazer by Sena Jeter Naslund, which I both liked and disliked.  It was interesting because it was the story of Una’s life before, during and after her marriage to Captain Ahab (of the Moby Dick fame).  I have never read Moby Dick, and didn’t really know much about it except that Ahab had some issues with a big ol’ whale.   This particular story took some turns that I really didn’t see coming, but might have had I read the classic.  At any rate, it was an interesting read, but not one I’ll pass along to friends or family.  Back to Salvation Army you go!

Now I’m on to Holy Fools, by Joanne Harris.  I actually started this one last year, but it ended up in my car and I just found it a few days ago.  So I’m already halfway through.  It is pretty interesting.  It’s set in the 17th century about a gypsy performer who ends up in a French convent.  So far, so good.  We’ll see what happens!

My computer is not letting me use the link feature, so below are the links to Amazon and reviews. 

Ahab’s Wife Link:

Holy Fools Link:


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