1 Feb

I’ve been an aunt since I was 21.  And during that time, I’ve enjoyed hearing the little things the kids say that strike me off guard or are just plain hilarious. 


  • Mason while in the bathroom stall at the park: ‘Don’t leave me, I’m just a kid.’
  • MacKenzie: “That movie is on Pay-Per-Fume” (instead of Pay-Per-View)

I always think, I should write that down.  I know my mom has a little book she used to write in with the silly things we said as kids.  

I just found this blog where a mom is doing just that – I cracked up at her kids musings. 

I can’t wait for Miss K to start talking more, putting together sentences and coming up with some original thoughts of her own.  In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy her copying the words I say and watching her grow each day.  What a blessing it is to be a mom!


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