Our life after the big move…

16 Feb

Monday night, my dear friend Jennifer (& her family) brought us a homemade Italian dinner complete with bread, salad and sparkling cider.  She even made me a heart shaped cake with valentine candy on top.  Love!  She also lives in the desert and considers us neighbors because we only live 1/2 hour from eachother now instead of two hours. 🙂

Our place is starting to feel more like home.  We got our washer & dryer yesterday, and I proceeded to do FIVE loads of laundry.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to wash clothes.  It is such a grand feeling to have these machines in my house.

How did I spend today, you ask? Well while my dear husband was out earning some dough, I was at home with Miss K.  We bought some carrots at the store yesterday to feed the animals next door and so this morning after we ate breakfast, that’s exactly what we did.  One of the donkeys came over first to check us out, and then the horse & pony mosied (is that a word?) on over and pigged out.  Two of the llamas decided to join the party as well.  Then it just got too darned windy and we went back inside to do more laundry and unpack more boxes.


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