Our house is now sufficiently warm.

4 Apr

Sunday, we had some close friends and family (about 35 people!) over for our official Housewarming Party.  Hubby and I worked our tails off the previous week, getting our place ready for the big open house. 

That morning I started making all of the food.  Thank goodness for good friends, because when my friend Denise got there, she cleaned up my mess as I made each dish and totally helped out in the kitchen.  Hooray for Denise!  Since Shannon & family could not make it, Jenn made Shannon’s usual party dish (fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil – yum!) in her honor. 

Andrew took all the kids for a ride around the property on our little trailer.  They all had a blast… literally, because we bought a bunch of water guns, and they would run around shooting eachother as they took turns on the trailer. 

We received lots of cute garden things from windchimes to garden gnomes to toad-stools. So cool! I can’t wait to go put them out today.

The only down side is that our toilet overflowed (why do kids use SO much TP?) about an hour into the party, and that put a little crimp in our day, but Superhubby took care of it and we were back to normal in a jiffy.


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