Sound of muted horns blowing

6 Apr

My kiddo is closing in on the big 2, and is talking more and more each day.  No sentences yet, but she is definitely repeating and associating things big time.

Today as we were walking past the ‘lingere’ (if you can call it that – LOL) section at Wal Mart, she pointed to the bras and started yelling out ‘BOOBIES! BOOBIES’. 

This week while watching a Snoopy video, the teacher was talking in the background and from my kid I hear ‘Wa wa wa wah!’ imitating them.  Too funny. (Side note… I used to watch tv with the closed captioning on just for fun.  A Snoopy movie came on the tv and when the adults started talking, the caption read “sound of muted horns blowing”.  True story.)


One Response to “Sound of muted horns blowing”

  1. mamadoggylove April 7, 2007 at 5:33 pm #

    This is great! It is so funny what kids pick up on. Funny AND scary!

    Hilarious about the “muted horns” too! I’ve almost fallen off an exercise machine once or twice reading the way-off captions at the gym. 🙂

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