Our Summer

21 Jul

img_1623.jpgA couple weeks ago, we took a much needed vacation and drove up through Oregon and Washington to Canada.  It was so much fun and I plan to do a full run down of our trip, but for now wanted to at least post what we’ve been up to lately!

Katie is now two and willimg_1657.jpg not stop talking.  Not only does she copy everything I say, but she also will sing the songs that I sing.  How fun is it to teach your daughter Dr. Demento’s Fish Heads?  VERY!

We’ve also learned that #2 is going to be a boy.  Needless to say, Daddy is quite happy.  Boy Scouts, here we come.

I’m STILL getting sick during this pregnancy.  I’m closing in on 20 weeks (halfway there!) and so far, everything is good.  We’re looking at an early December baby.  What a nice Christmas present!

My husband is doing great and appears to be cancer-free with no radiation or chemo needed.  What a blessing.  He is on the job hunt, as his former employer could not hold his position.

All in all we are doing great and hope the rest of this year has nothing but good things for us.


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