Best Day EVER!

24 Jul

Sunday, my dad took all of us to Disneyland!  By all of us, I mean my untitled.jpgsiblings and their kids too – a total party of 14.  We got there at 7:30am (they opened at 8am) and left about 8pm.  It’s been so long since I’ve been there with both my brother and my sister.  We took the little ones on all of the kiddie rides, and I sat out the big rides since I am now 20 weeks pregnant (woo hoo, halfway there!). 

It was very hot, but finally started to cool off around 5, and as we were leaving it rained on our parade.  Literally.  We were waiting for the parade to go by on Main Street so we could cross and grab our stuff from the lockers, and it started to rain.  Yay!

Then we all went to dinner at the restaurant where I had my wedding reception, not too far away (but definitely better prices & food than D-Land) and crashed into bed around 10:00.  Boy was I tired the next day!


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