7 Aug

Last month when we made the trip up to Canada, we were having breakfast with our friends Marg and Anne.  They tipped their breakfast glasses and clinked ‘Cheers’ with us.  Katie loved this.  She wanted to do ‘Cheers’ with everyone!

Since we’ve come back home, she has decided to ‘Cheers!’ with anyone and anything…

  • Last week we were both laying on my bed reading and she tipped her book to mine and said, ‘CHEERS!’.
  • Yesterday while I was sitting in front of her as she was sitting on the toilet (trying to potty train), and she pushed her nose up to mine and said ‘CHEERS!’. 
  • This morning, she walked by Daddy and touched her foot to his and said, you guessed it, ‘CHEERS!’

How cute is she?


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