I’ve got a new attitude.

25 Aug

Since my husband introduced me to the wonders of the Salvation Army, I have bought more books in the last three years than I have in my entire life.  (and that is saying a lot, because I am an avid reader.)  I used to go to Barnes and Noble, Target or even Costco to look for a bargain.   I’d usually peruse the women’s fiction section and see what I could find.  But now that I can buy a Bag of Books for about $10, I shove in as many as possible and when I get home I am quite surprised at some of the gems I’ve picked up.

I always skipped the Christian bookstores because I thought they’d all be stories like Little House on the Prairie or Christy (nothing wrong with these – I just have outgrown them).  But I have ended up with several from the SA that I REALLY enjoyed!  Thank goodness for these wonderful authors I have found and am actively seeking out.  Not all books have to have a Sex & the City theme (a show I’ve never seen and have no interest in.)  These new books of mine are good, clean reading and I don’t feel like I’m being talked down to.  I don’t know where I had this misconception of Christian books being bland, but I was sorely mistaken. 

 Amongst the favorites:

  • Wingate – Tending Roses
  • Karon – The Mitford Series (I just finished book #4)
  • Musser – Swan House

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