Naps are THIS girl’s best friend!

6 Nov

Man, just woke up from my nap and I feel GOOD!  As this pregnancy is coming to an end (one month EXACTLY), I tell you what – if I don’t get in at least a 2 hour nap in, I can’t function!  I am barely sleeping at night with all of the potty breaks and tossing & turning.  Even though I’m having a c-section, my body goes right along preparing for the ‘other way’.  My hips have been cramping up on me as they start the spread for baby to come on down.  I feel like saying, ‘It’s ok body, just relax!’, but somehow, I don’t think it will listen.

Anyway, thank goodness Miss Katie still takes 2 hour naps, so this tired mommy can sneek hers in at the same time!


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