Mommy Fro Up Too!

8 Nov

I have been sick through this whole pregnancy which is why I’ve only gained 5 lbs and have less than one month to go.  My husband usually comes in and rubs my back while I’m hacking, and my daughter has taken to rubbing my back as well.

Early this morning, Miss Katie started throwing up and it continued throughout today.  At one point I was eating lunch when she walked by and threw up.  That was it for me… off I ran to the sink to lose the few bites I had taken.  Since Daddy was gone, who was in there rubbing my back and telling me it would be ok?  Yes, my sweet little two year old was behind me rubbing my back saying ‘it’s ok Mommy’.  Then later on the phone with my mom, she tells her how she got sick and that ‘Mommy fro up too.’


2 Responses to “Mommy Fro Up Too!”

  1. 1dat November 8, 2007 at 7:45 pm #

    I can’t imagine spending your entire pregnancy with morning sickness. Mine lasted a few weeks, and I thought I was going to die during that time. Everything made me sick, and having to put anything in the back of my mouth (like a toothbrush) triggered my gag reflex. I’ll be counting down with you!

  2. jenefur November 8, 2007 at 10:24 pm #

    1dat – most days I couldn’t even brush until the afternoon my gag reflex was so bad. Now it’s changing my daughter’s poop diapers that gag me the worst! Luckily I’ve had my husband take over that duty when he is around.

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