Oh, the pain…

29 Jan

Yesterday I couldn’t move my right shoulder.  Apparently when my brother and I fought as children and he dislocated my shoulder, it has had a lasting effect.  Since then it has dislocated 2 more times (once while washing my hair and once when I was asleep.  YOWZA!) and has messed up my rotator cuff. 

Friday morning I woke up with some discomfort and by yesterday, I couldn’t even pick up the baby.  Hubby took me to the doctor, and I had to get some xrays.  There is some calcium build up, and if worse comes to worse, I will have to have it shaved down.  OUCH!  I’m feeling better today after taking the medication, but I thought I was going to die yesterday!  And I was so happy to hold my little baby today!

ps… I’d be pissed at my brother, but I’d say we’re even, since I broke his nose as a kid and he has had problems wiht it ever since.


2 Responses to “Oh, the pain…”

  1. looksgoodinpolkadots January 29, 2008 at 8:17 pm #

    Isn’t family a hoot? I pulled my sisters arm out of socket once… and my brothers gave me many bloody noses ( I got even with bleach on the favorite black tee shirt). I don’t believe any of us have lasting effects… but who knows?


  1. Immodium AD is my friend « My Life in a Nutshell - January 30, 2008

    […] taking care of two kids with a bum arm while your head is in a trash can and you’re sitting on the toilet.  […]

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