Life at home

5 Feb


Grant will be 2 months tomorrow!  I’ll be dropping the girl off at grandpa’s house and taking the boy to his doctor appointment.  He is such a sweetheart… smiling all of the time!  He has discovered his hands and is either waving them around or clasping them on his chest.  Also, he can see me at farther distances, and I can see his eyes watching me as I walk through the house.


Katie is ALWAYS talking, singing, dancing or a combination of the three.  She loves to take a bath and will make sure she is nice and sticky at dinnertime to ensure that she gets that bath!  She’s still mimicking me…and everyone else.  I heard her calling the baby ‘Little Few-wa’ the other day.  Also, she demands to wear dresses every day.  It’s been raining here, so on the days we don’t go out I let her wear them.Andrew’s job is going well.  Our new and improved insurance just kicked in and we are paying only $80 instead of the $1200 we were paying on COBRA.  Hallelujah!  He is such a great father… on his way home the other day, he stopped by a Salvation Army and picked up some dresses for Katie.  Can you say Daddy’s Girl?

My shoulder is feeling better.  I’ve been taking 800mg of Motrin 3x a day and trying to exercise it a bit.  I still don’t have the range of motion I once had, but at least I can lift the baby again.

I’m going to be looking into churches in the area.  I really would like to be involved in one, and want Katie in Sunday School now that she is starting to grasp things better.  If she can learn about Santa, then she can certainly learn about God.  I think it will bring us closer as a family and create an even stronger base for our marriage.


2 Responses to “Life at home”

  1. learningwoman February 7, 2008 at 12:39 am #

    What a lovely photo! Your kids sound gorgeous and you sound a lot besotted. I know the feeling 🙂

    I can’t believe he’s two months old already, that went so fast!

  2. Allison February 7, 2008 at 5:53 am #

    Lovely photos!

    Good luck in your quest to find a church. I’m amazed at how much children can learn about God when they’re young. I was saying a prayer with my daughter last night, and we were thanking God for family and her teachers at school…and after I finished with the list, Abby said, “And the Parakeets and Nicholas.” Her classroom is called the “Parakeets” and Nicholas is a boy who hugs her when she leaves. So sweet.

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