Happy Birthday Pho54!

14 Aug

Jenn & me on my 20th birthday... 14 years ago!

At my bridal shower - 2005

At my bridal shower - 2005

Jenn and I met when we were 18 and fresh out of high school.  It was at a local mall and we were working at Bullocks (now Macy’s, I think!).  She worked in the children’s department, which was right next to the crystal/china department where I was.  (Who thought that up?  Let’s put the kids dept next to the china so they can break stuff.  Brilliant.)    We went out a couple times and have been friends ever since!  My family has even adopted her as their own. 
Once, we found these crazy old potatoes, then decorated them and put them in my roommate’s bed and freaked him out. 
Our Potato People

Our Potato People

My Jenn is so special to me… she is so thoughtful and wonderful!  She pampers me when I come to visit her and is the perfect hostess.  She drives over 2 hours to come visit me at the hospital when I am having babies or when my baby is in the hospital and brings me baked goodies.  She is a great wife and mother, and a PERFECT friend.
I love you JenniPho54!!
Love, Pho999

One Response to “Happy Birthday Pho54!”

  1. jennipho'54 August 19, 2008 at 6:17 am #

    It is so sweet of you to write such nice things about little ol’ me! You are the best friend a girl could want- you know just how to draw me in!! You do love me! I am a sucker for my Jenny, I love you and this amazing relationship!

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