Dear Mr. Trans Am…

31 Oct

Today, I ran to the grocery store for some weekly shopping.  I parked right next to a handicapped spot and it was empty when I returned to the car.  I emptied out the cart, then pulled it over to the passenger side, so I could get my kid out of the cart.  As I’m opening the door, some guy in a Trans Am pulls around the corner and is sitting there waiting.  I assumed he wanted my spot.  He sat there revving his engine as I put my purse & crap in the front seat, then struggled to get my moose of a 3 year old out of the cart (she usually walks, but today wanted to sit… who was I to argue… less running around!! LOL).  As I’m getting her out, he backs up then starts to park in the handicapped spot.  My doors were wide open, so there was no way he was getting into that spot.  I really didn’t know what he was doing as he didn’t have a special plate or anything hanging from the rearview mirror.  He started getting all frustrated and I said, “I’m moving my cart right now!”  He stopped pulled back and started to park again.  What an idiot.  He had an elderly woman with him, but without the plates, how was I to know he was trying to park there?  He throws a handicapped sign up on the mirror then got out of the car all huffy.  I just smiled.

Had he just motioned that he wanted that spot, I would have known what was going on.  Don’t get all pissy on me… I’ll just go even slower next time.  I’m pregnant, remember!? 🙂

Happy Halloween by the way.  I’ll have some pix to post tomorrow.


One Response to “Dear Mr. Trans Am…”

  1. morethananelectrician October 31, 2008 at 12:23 pm #

    The one thing more harzardous to one’s health than messing with a pregnant woman, is messing with a pregnant woman who is wrestling with a child at a grocery store.

    My thoughts exactly. Bring it on, Mr. Trans Am!

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