Grandma’s book

8 Jan

I’m seriously starting on this project now… my Great Aunt sent me tons of pictures and I began scanning them last night. 

When I originally was going to start this, I had scanned in some of the photos, but there was a problem and they weren’t right for the size I needed for the book.  Now I have a better software program, and after doing a few test scans, I have the method down pat.  Unfortunately, each scan takes over 3 minutes to do, and that doesn’t include any touch up time!

I have a deadline to scan them in by the end of January (so I can return them to my patient aunt), and from there, I can retouch, type in the actual story, and format the book. 

Very exciting!


One Response to “Grandma’s book”

  1. morethananelectrician January 10, 2009 at 1:51 pm #

    Just scan a couple a night…unless there are hundreds of them. I am sure your family will love to have someone record all of this for future generations.

    Not hundreds, but probably 80-100. These were the cream of the crop that I’ve taken from what my aunt sent me. I’m sure my mom has some more in her stash that I can add to once I’ve returned these.
    And you are right… if someone else had already done this, I would most certainly have bought this book for myself… probably even a couple copies so my kids could have them someday! 🙂 But I’m just like that. Maybe that’s why I’m the one who has taken on this project!

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