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My CVS Trip

18 Mar

My CVS trip today:

Dove shampoo $4.00 (-1.50 coupon)
Dove conditioner $4.00 (-1.50 coupon)
Dove Lotion $7.00 (-1.50 coupon)
Egg Dye Kit $2.99
Candy Bar $.89
Candy Bar $.89

SubTotal $19.77
Less $5.00 coupon (buy $15, get $5 off – printed on my receipt the other day)
Less $4.99 ECB from last purchase
Less $5.00 ECB from last purchase
Less the Dove coupons above ($4.50)

Subtotal $.28
Tax $.23
TOTAL = $.51 Yes, that’s all I spent out of pocket.
Not only that, I got $5.00 ECB’s back for next time for purchasing $15.00 worth of Dove products.

Just wanted to let you all know that it CAN work to your advantage!


Saving money one coupon at a time.

10 Feb

Today at Stater Bros. I spent $41.84 and saved $39.88. Not bad. Even better was spending 39.96 at Ralphs and saving $55.42. Whoo hoo! I even got register coupons back for about $3.50 AND will get cash back from Ralphs for about $6.50 just on todays transactions. I’ll be off to Target later to get a few very cheap and/or free items.

A few of the sites helping me are:

Yeah, the couponing takes extra time, but since I’m a stay at home mom, I MAKE the time.  Cutting costs are part of my job.

Also, in these hard times many stores are accepting expired coupons.  My husband found a coupon for Harbor Freight that expired yesterday, and he called and spoke to the manager who said he would accept it as long as he brought it in.  (20% makes a difference!)  Also, many restaurants are doing the same (Pat & Oscars to name just one), so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Anyone else want to share their ideas?

Winter Beach Day

4 Feb

Took the kids to Huntington Beach yesterday with a friend of mine and her kiddos. We had a great time! Grant LOVED the water and cried the entire way back to the car. Katie made sand angels! It was a good 80 degrees out and the beach was pretty much deserted on a Tuesday winter’s afternoon. Great for us!



Oh yeah!

25 Jan

What is better than going to Target and picking up a double stroller for $39.00 (regular price $139.99)? 

Getting THIS


for $5.04!  Brand new in box… clearance… normally $89.99!  Whoo hoooooooooooooooo!

We are definitely counting our blessings this evening!

Saving $$ on groceries

11 Jan

Just went grocery shopping… 

  • Staters subtotal was $118.85, paid $64.31 (46%)
  • Ralphs subtotal was $123.32, paid $51.19 (59%)

I even got a few freebies!

If you sign up, use my email as a referral:  jenefur at yahoo dot com

Also, another bloggy mom friend of mine has a lot of stores from back east on her blog, as well as CVS, Rite Aid & Walgreens where she breaks down the weekly savings & freebies.  Her site is

That’s all – just trying to share the love when we all could use an extra few bucks in our checkbooks.

Oh Christmas Tree…

29 Nov


We put up our tree a few days ago… though I prefer a real one, we can’t afford one (AND I get all rashy if I touch a real one!)  We got this one 90% off at Target’s after Christmas clearance last year.  Whoo hoo! 

I didn’t buy one thing yesterday… not even from online.  This year’s Christmas will be slim pickings for us, but the kids will certainly not be at a loss for anything with all of the Grandparents around!  (Can you say Disney pass?) I’ll hit a few sales, but will mostly be making things this year.  A few years ago I posted about the fudge recipe I’ve been making for Christmas… it’s so easy!

Did any of you hit any sales yesterday?  What did you get?  Also did you hear about the poor WalMart worker who got trampled by the crowds and died as he tried to open the doors yesterday morning?  Despicable and very very sad.

Our Garage Sale Loot

16 Aug

Today’s Loot: $16.50

  • 45 Children’s Video Cassettes $5
  • 10 Hardback Hans Christian Anderson books & 10 Left Behind books $3
  • Wig, Tutu, Butterfly Wings (New) $3
  • Dora Scooter $3
  • …and the find of the day:  Double Stroller $2.50

Not bad, eh?