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Winter Beach Day

4 Feb

Took the kids to Huntington Beach yesterday with a friend of mine and her kiddos. We had a great time! Grant LOVED the water and cried the entire way back to the car. Katie made sand angels! It was a good 80 degrees out and the beach was pretty much deserted on a Tuesday winter’s afternoon. Great for us!




Happy Birthday Pho54!

14 Aug

Jenn & me on my 20th birthday... 14 years ago!

At my bridal shower - 2005

At my bridal shower - 2005

Jenn and I met when we were 18 and fresh out of high school.  It was at a local mall and we were working at Bullocks (now Macy’s, I think!).  She worked in the children’s department, which was right next to the crystal/china department where I was.  (Who thought that up?  Let’s put the kids dept next to the china so they can break stuff.  Brilliant.)    We went out a couple times and have been friends ever since!  My family has even adopted her as their own. 
Once, we found these crazy old potatoes, then decorated them and put them in my roommate’s bed and freaked him out. 
Our Potato People

Our Potato People

My Jenn is so special to me… she is so thoughtful and wonderful!  She pampers me when I come to visit her and is the perfect hostess.  She drives over 2 hours to come visit me at the hospital when I am having babies or when my baby is in the hospital and brings me baked goodies.  She is a great wife and mother, and a PERFECT friend.
I love you JenniPho54!!
Love, Pho999


10 Jun

Katie turned three this weekend!  We had some friends and family over on Saturday and had a ‘Build Your Own Sundae’ party for her, complete with an Ice Cream Cone pinata!    Sunday, we went to an old friend’s house to celebrate his daughter’s second birthday.  Katie made some new friends and had a lot of fun at both parties.

My little Grant is 6 months already.  That boy loves to eat his toes, roll over and giggle with Mommy.  He is so content and happy.  If I didn’t go check on him during his nap, he would just lay(lie?) there eating his toes until he realized that he is hungry for real food.   We introduced him to baby food last month and he is loving it (though not the green beans so much!)  He sticks his thumb in his mouth between bites. 

He’s not really cross-eyed… just in this picture! LOL


The Treble Makers

23 May

When I was in 4th and 5th grade, I was a member of a children’s choir called ‘The Treble Makers’ at my elementary school.  We had an awesome teacher who taught us so many wonderful things.  I loved to sing!  Our group did a lot of performances for the schools, and I seem to recall performing at City Hall and a bowling alley once!  We had these funny little red & white outfits (see below).

Like my bangs?  Honi… I love your knee highs!

There I am… #2 on the totem pole with the blue eyeshadow!

See the blue pompom? I’m right behind it holding the ‘W’.

We had so much fun singing our little hearts out.  The only BAD memory I have is forgetting the lines to my solo in ‘This Land is Your Land’ and I just stood there at the microphone.  When my part was over, I just backed into line.  How sad.

I was in my Junior High choir and drama class and played the flute for about 4 years, but I pretty much only sing with my daughter now or when I’m alone in the car.

What kind of groups were you in growing up? Are you still involved with that sport/music/art etc? 

Happy Birthday Lisa!

20 May


I’ve known Lisa since I was a year old!  We used to play Atari and Nintendo together (diddo-dido), have fun sleepovers (twy to fly) where I would ALWAYS fall asleep first, and make fun of the neighbors (King Caller, Flubba, CONCEPTION! and Coco-Crotch).  Whenever I would ask her ‘Guess what?’ she would answer ‘You got your period?’.  When I finally did, she didn’t even guess right!

Today is her 34th birthday and she is STILL older than me!  Happy Birthday Lisa… Here is a walk down our memory lane!

I’m still pissed she got to be the princess when I had to be the clown.  I really was crying in this picture!

At the bus stop… I think she’s getting a headache because I won’t stop talking.  What a surprise.

Oh my.  Way too close up.


I was Elvira and she was a hockey player.

Before my graduation party.


Flaring my nostrils at the camera.  She knows I’m weird and still loves me after all these years!

Posing at Olan Mills.  I used to work there and got free pix when the photographers were bored.

Newport Beach Hard Rock – early 90’s.  I think she finally got rid of the bangs in 2000.  🙂


Pregnant with Grant, doing our prom pose.


At her wedding last month.

I love you girl!  Twy to fly!

Wedding Weekend

28 Apr

My childhood friend Lisa got married this weekend!  As much as I love weddings, I was happy to NOT be involved in this one.  This is her second marriage, and I was co-Maid of Honor at the first one.  This time, it was a smaller wedding, and she & hubby opted to have only one person stand up for each of them, so I dodged the bullet her sister had the honor this time.


Anyway, it was beautiful… outside at a hotel overlooking the beach.  Who knew it would be almost 100 degrees outside!  Both hubby and I are sunburnt!

I had a cousin of mine take Katie for most of the day (they went to the beach and the mall), and drop her off during the reception.  That way she didn’t have to sit through the ceremony/lunch, and just arrived for the dancing – her favorite part anyway!

Daddy & Katie dancing

Lisa & Katie dancing

Congrats Lisa & Matt!  Now hurry up and have some kids!

Bride & Groom

Future Engagement Photo

20 Mar

Last year, Katie and I picked up my friend Jenn, and we made the trek up to Vegas to visit Shannon and her family.  We decided this year to go to Jenn’s and have another slumber party, this time with ALL of the kids.  Well, last minute, Shannon couldn’t come due to a sick kid, so it was just me, Katie and baby that headed out to Palm Springs. 

We only stayed over one night, but we had a blast.  The kids played, we ate and had a chance to talk, and just had a great time.  One of her boys is about 2 1/2 years older than Katie, while another one of her boys is just 2 months younger.  Of course we joke about hooking our kids up with eachother someday, so just in case, we’ve got a couple of good pix for the Engagement Photo. 🙂