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Hello – Summer Update

12 Jul

I have been so busy!  Here’s what’s going on…

  • We went on a little vacation last week to Oregon.  Visited two aunts, went to the Enchanted Forest, Prehistoric Gardens and Gold Beach.  Had a great time.

July 2009 Vacation

  • Andrew performed a magic show for Katie’s birthday party and the kids loved it!

Katie's Bday

  • I took the Joann’s sewing class and made this pillowcase… then I finally made the dress for Katie.  Let me know what you think!


The Dress

  • Katie finished her swim classes and will be starting gymnastics at the end of this month.
  • Grant is trying so hard to talk… a few words he’s yelling at me: BABY, HERE! and MAAAAAAA!
  • Baby is getting big (3 months already)
  • We are all sick. 😦

Sew what?

19 May

I am so done with scrapbooking & stamping!  I’ve been doing it for over ten years and have SO MUCH STUFF!  Over the last two years I’ve been paring down my collection and still have a lot.  I just gave some away to my mom and a friend, and will get more out on Ebay or Craigslist. 

My new hobby?? Sewing!  Last time I used a sewing machine was in 7th grade home ec, so I am looking forward to learning something new.  My mom has an old (80s) machine that she is going to give me this week.  I also signed up for some classes at Joann’s for next month.  Yesterday, while running errands, I stopped by there and spent two whole hours (I only had the baby with me, so I was virtually uninterrupted) just looking at the materials.  FUN!  My first class project will be a pillowcase.  I found some cute fabric and will make this for Katie.  I’ll post a picture when I complete the project.  🙂

I’m looking forward to making things for the kids, and also for my husband’s magic endeavors.  I downloaded this darling pattern off of etsy to make dresses for the girls.  What do you think??

 Caroline Dress PDF Pattern Tutorial - Frog Legs and Ponytails Boutique Pattern - Includes 9 Sizes plus Doll Pattern

2008 Book List

15 Jan

Here is my 2008 book list.  I favored Nicholas Sparks, Anne Tyler and the Left Behind series.  I’ve already started the 2009 list.  We’ll see how I do this year with three kids. 😉

Kingsolver – The Poisonwood Bible – 1/08

Giordano – I Love You Like a Tomato – 1/08 (Apparently first in a series of three.)

Binchy – London Transports – 1/08

Tyler – Patchwork Planet – 2/08

Tyler – Back When We Were Grownups – 2/08

Pezzelli – Every Sunday – 2/08

Kay – Half Price Living – 2/08

Fowler – The Jane Austen Book Club – 3/08

Tyler – Breathing Lessons – 3/08

Rice – The Edge of Winter – 3/08

Hegi – Floating in My Mother’s Palm – 3/08

Hoffman – The Ice Queen – 3/08

Lockwood – Dixieland Sushi – 3/08 (SO funny!)

Oates – We Were the Mulvanneys – 4/08

Mason – In Country – 4/08

Kingsbury – A Time to Dance – 5/08 ( I loved this… Christian Lit is growing on me!)

Harris – Five Quarters of the Orange – 5/08

The Color Purple – 5/08

Dessen – This Lullaby – 5/08

Rubio – Icy Sparks – 6/08

Keyes – Sushi for Beginners – 6/08

Green – Babyville – 6/08

Binchy – This Year It Will Be Different – 6/08

Morrison – The Bluest Eye – 07/08

Frank – Sullivan’s Island -07/08

Patchett – Bel Canto – 08/08

Empire Falls – 08/08

Allison – Bastard Out of Carolina – 8/08

Wiggs – Snowfall at Willow Lake – 8/08

Karon – Mitford Series #5

Arnold – Pieces of my Sister’s Life – 9/08

Tyler – Ladder of Years – 9/08

Sparks – The Rescue – 9/08

Sleeping Arrangements – Started reading, but quit halfway through. Didn’t like it at all.

Sparks – The Guardian – 9/08

Sparks – Nights in Rodanthe – 09/08

Sparks – The Wedding – 09/08

Sparks – True Believer-09/08

LaHaye/Jenkins – Left Behind Series (1-9) – 10/08

Rice – What Matters Most – 10/08

Binchy – Firefly Summer – 11/08

HA… not many books in Nov/Dec… we got digital TV!

Grandma’s book

8 Jan

I’m seriously starting on this project now… my Great Aunt sent me tons of pictures and I began scanning them last night. 

When I originally was going to start this, I had scanned in some of the photos, but there was a problem and they weren’t right for the size I needed for the book.  Now I have a better software program, and after doing a few test scans, I have the method down pat.  Unfortunately, each scan takes over 3 minutes to do, and that doesn’t include any touch up time!

I have a deadline to scan them in by the end of January (so I can return them to my patient aunt), and from there, I can retouch, type in the actual story, and format the book. 

Very exciting!

Coming soon to a hospital near me…

27 Sep

My niece is due in 9 days.  Not that I’m counting down or anything!  Our family is outnumbered by boys… so far, the score is Boys:6, Girls:2.  This will bring us up to 3 girls.  Hopefully my next one will be a girl too!

This is a picture of the Diaper Cupcakes I gave to my SIL for her shower.  I think it turned out pretty cute!  They are nestled together on a tiered cupcake holder.

Diaper Cupcakes!

Diaper Cupcakes!

Our Garage Sale Loot

16 Aug

Today’s Loot: $16.50

  • 45 Children’s Video Cassettes $5
  • 10 Hardback Hans Christian Anderson books & 10 Left Behind books $3
  • Wig, Tutu, Butterfly Wings (New) $3
  • Dora Scooter $3
  • …and the find of the day:  Double Stroller $2.50

Not bad, eh?

My new creation

13 Aug

I came up with my own crock pot concoction yesterday and it was GREAT! 

I had some stew meat which I browned with some onion salt, then threw in the CP.  Then I chopped up a few carrots, celery and potatoes and added them in with a can of beef broth and a can of tomato sauce, some oregano, thyme and pepper.  After it cooked for a few hours, I boiled some barley and added that in as well.  It ended up being REALLY thick after the barley sucked up most of the juice, so I added one more can of beef broth.  Since we went out to eat with the family last night, we didn’t get a chance to eat it, but I had some for breakfast alright, and it was SO tasty!  Even Andrew approved when he had some for lunch.  I guess I’d call it Beef Barley Stew, as it was still pretty thick and not soupy at all.  I could probably have added another can of tomato sauce or beef broth, but the final product was too good to mess with.  I can’t wait to make it again.  It was about $6.00 for all of the ingredients.

If I remember, I’ll take a picture before it’s eaten up, and post the actual recipe so it’s easier to read.