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24 Aug

I have several emails in my inbox that I have yet to respond to.  Between a messy house, two kids and throwing up, I find I don’t have much time to sit and write back to people!  Do I write a half-@ss response or wait until I actually have the time and let them think I am ignoring them in the meantime?  What are the netiquette rules in my case?


Bling Bling!

22 Jun

My pal Mindi is having a giveaway on her site! 
Click here  ————> 
to win one of these!—>

Being creative

6 Jun

Curly wrote about this awesome site where you can be creative and make some collages.  Here is my creation.  My old 90210 collage from high school has nothing on this! 🙂


Vote for us!

21 May

CurlyWurlyGurly is having a contest in honor of National Doodle Day, and I submitted Katie’s family portrait.  Since Caley is campaigning for herself, I have decided to campaign for Katie & me! 

Click here to vote for us NOW!!  We are #9. 🙂

Google Maps is creepy

21 Apr

So, I was looking up an address on Google maps, and noticed there was a ‘street view’.  Holy crap, they have pictures of the street and houses as if you are driving down the middle of the street.  I googled my dad’s address, and sure as sh*t, there is his house.  The garage door was open and you can see inside!  There are cars parked and you can see license plates!! This seems like a huge invasion of privacy to me.  What do you think?

Holy crap, they changed the dashboard.

4 Apr

I just logged in here at wordpress and see they have made some changes without my approval.  Here I thought I was going to take a minute to check things out, and now it will take forever to see what is going on here! (Sorry, non-wordpress readers, you probably have NO idea what I’m talking about!)

Funny Searching

4 Apr

Here are the latest crazy terms people are using to be directed to my site:

  1. why do women have skid marks/are skid marks the biggest challenge of /picture of skid mark in underware –Wow, quite the fascination with skidmarks!!
  2. diarrhea after eating at spaghetti factory –I’ve only had it after Olive Garden
  3. what should i do if i swallow my crown? –Don’t try to save it, as some people have suggested to me.  The cost of a new crown is ALWAYS better than putting the old one back in after it comes out the ‘other’ end.
  4. sister in law pictures caught in the bed –Don’t really know what to say about that!
  5. lost 10 pounds from milk of magnesia – Yikes!
  6. daughter wont grow up 26 yr – An all too common problem, I think.
  7. blood trail – ??!!??
  8. darth vadar – see above
  9. breastfeeding her monkey – EWW
  10. nipples – Alrighty then!