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1 Nov
We got a wig for Katie a couple months ago, and when Andrew put it on, I knew he looked like someone, but I couldn’t think of the name until yesterday.  It’s frightening, isn’t it?  I could barely stand to kiss him once he had the wig & glasses on. 
Which is which? Andrew or Bruce Vilanch? You be the judge.
Scary, isn't it?!

Scary, isn't it?

Luckily, both the wig and the glasses came off and I was able to get a proper kiss.  But just thinking about it gives me the willies. (Sorry Bruce)
Happy Halloween. 🙂

Dinner & a movie

7 Sep

Last night, we dropped the kids off at grandpa’s house and went to Lucille’s Smokehouse for dinner.  All I have to say is YUM!  Andrew had his favorite… ribs!  I had my tri-tip and was in heaven.  Then we walked over to the theater and saw Tropic Thunder.  A little over the top, but very funny. 

And I have one question… what idiot parents thought it was a great idea to bring their 4 & 5 year old to see this movie?  Oh, that’s right, the people sitting next to us.  It’s totally rated R, with so much foul language and blood & guts.  I just don’t get some people.

5 years

6 Sep

It’s our 5 year anniversary today!  Not bad for meeting on Yahoo Personals!  We’re actually going out to dinner and a movie tonight… woooo!  I don’t think we’ve gone out just the two of us since before the baby was born.  Oh happy day!

Sunday Recap – including a celebrity siting!

21 Jul

Three things happened centered around Gramma coming back yesterday:

  1. We made Gramma a cake.  I let it sit on a rack to cool and when I wasn’t looking, Miss Katie helped herself to some.  Little stinker.
  2. As we arrived at LAX I witnessed my first paparazzi frenzy.  There was a guy and a girl with a baby trying to get into a taxi and there were hoards of photogs everywhere.  I couldn’t tell who it was and wasn’t about to make my husband stop the car to satisfy my curiosity.  However, once he dropped Katie and I off to run in, we saw yet another mob.  This time it was a young guy trying to get through the crowd and I could see my mom on the other side of the mob.  We just waited for them to pass us, then Katie ran over to see Gramma.  I think I was the only one pointing my camera at someone other than the celebrity.  I went on TMZ this morning to see who it was and it was none other than Zac Efron.  Here is the video… (mom is in the blue shirt at 0:16) 
  3. Since Mom is in town, we asked her if she could watch the kids last night so we could see a movie.  We put baby down, and Katie and Gramma were going to sleep.  We finally left at about 9:45 and how sad are we… we turned the car around after about 1 mile… we were just too tired to sit through a movie.  We had already eaten a late dinner AND cake, so we couldn’t even go out for dessert.  Plus, we don’t drink, so there really wasn’t anything to do.  Pathetic? I think so.

Happy No-Cancer-versary

8 May

One year ago today, my husband had a large cancerous tumor along with his left kidney removed.  I am happy to say that we have made it through the year cancer-free!  He goes in every few months for a CAT scan and a visit with the oncologist.  We were so blessed that the surgery was the only treatment he needed. 

I pray that we stay healthy and have many years together.

A new magazine to add to my pile…

22 Feb

There was a time when I subscribed to several magazines… Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Rubber Stamping Magazine, etc.  Now I’m to the point where if I’m going to read something, I want to get a little more out of it.  So, I subscribed myself to a magazine called Marriage Partnership.  My first one came in today’s mail and I am so excited to sit down and read it!  I also subscribed to Today’s Christian Woman.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still pick up the occasional decorating or gossip rag when I’m in the mood, but for now, my new subscriptions will serve a better purpose… enriching ME!

Life at home

5 Feb


Grant will be 2 months tomorrow!  I’ll be dropping the girl off at grandpa’s house and taking the boy to his doctor appointment.  He is such a sweetheart… smiling all of the time!  He has discovered his hands and is either waving them around or clasping them on his chest.  Also, he can see me at farther distances, and I can see his eyes watching me as I walk through the house.


Katie is ALWAYS talking, singing, dancing or a combination of the three.  She loves to take a bath and will make sure she is nice and sticky at dinnertime to ensure that she gets that bath!  She’s still mimicking me…and everyone else.  I heard her calling the baby ‘Little Few-wa’ the other day.  Also, she demands to wear dresses every day.  It’s been raining here, so on the days we don’t go out I let her wear them.Andrew’s job is going well.  Our new and improved insurance just kicked in and we are paying only $80 instead of the $1200 we were paying on COBRA.  Hallelujah!  He is such a great father… on his way home the other day, he stopped by a Salvation Army and picked up some dresses for Katie.  Can you say Daddy’s Girl?

My shoulder is feeling better.  I’ve been taking 800mg of Motrin 3x a day and trying to exercise it a bit.  I still don’t have the range of motion I once had, but at least I can lift the baby again.

I’m going to be looking into churches in the area.  I really would like to be involved in one, and want Katie in Sunday School now that she is starting to grasp things better.  If she can learn about Santa, then she can certainly learn about God.  I think it will bring us closer as a family and create an even stronger base for our marriage.