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Tomorrow is the big day!

30 Mar

Ok… tomorrow… FINALLY!!  I probably won’t post anything until I get home later in the week, so wish us all luck!


Little ears

18 Jan

We’re always trying to correct Katie so she says nice things instead of mean or bad things. She took to saying ‘stupid’ after watching Spongebob, and we told her she can’t watch that show anymore because she says things she shouldn’t.

Well, I just said ‘damn’ while talking to Daddy. And from the next room I hear Katie saying, “Mommy can’t watch Spongebob anymore… she said damn instead of darn.”

Damn darn kid.

Majesty or Ted?

15 Aug

Katie seems to think the new baby will be a girl.  I asked her what we should name it, and she said ‘Majesty’.  I asked ‘what if it is a boy?’ 

Her answer? 


Maternity Clothes

12 Aug

So, of course a few months back I gave away ALL of my maternity clothes!  And now I’m prego again.  I certainly don’t have it in my budget to buy all new clothes!  I was lucky enought the second time around to get a huge bag from a friend of mine. 

This time, I found someone on who wanted to sell some of her clothes for $75.  We emailed back and forth and I asked if maybe I could do it in trade (scrapbooking/stamping items), since I was low on funds.   She ended up just giving them to me.  Whoo hoo! They are moving cross country this week and we made the switch yesterday.  I offered to make her a scrapbook album for her kids and she said not to worry, that she’d rather see the clothes go to someone who needs them than have someone buy them for cheap and re-sell them (apparently someone offered her only $30 and was going to re-sell on ebay).  She also said maybe if I have the time, I could make her a book and she would pay me.  Awesome. 

The Big Guy Upstairs is clearly looking out for us. 🙂

ps… Major tip of the day for parents on a budget… if you have a service to offer in lieu of money, it doesn’t hurt to ask to buy something in trade!

Oops, I did it again…

7 Aug
As if we didn’t have our hands full enough with Katie and Grant, God has blessed us with a third pregnancy!  Looks like we will be having Baby #3 in late March, early April.  
This should complete our little family, and we are looking forward to the many years of raising these wonderful children.

Mom ticketed for spanking toddler

14 Jul

Has anyone else heard this ‘story’?

This Mercedes woman sounds like an idiot to me.  Give it up… if my kid kept running towards a crowd and didn’t listen to me, then she’d get a swat on the butt too.  A ticket? Gimme a break.

Summer Activities

26 Jun

Now that we are more settled in our new place and baby is on a schedule, I’m ready to get Katie into some summer activities.   She loves being around other kids, and certainly loves to perform.  Just last night at Target, she held court in the accessory department with a crowd of about 5 watching her sing into a little microphone and dance around.  As she ended each song, she would shout ‘HEY HEY!’ and then bow.  People walking by would clap and say she should be on American Idol.  My little performer.  Andrew suggested we put out a little hat for tips.

I signed her up for a ‘Storytelling, Singing & Dancing’ class that starts in 2 weeks – a few days after we get back from our vacation.  It is for one hour each week for 5 weeks.  This girl LOVES to sing and dance, so I think it will be perfect for her.  Also, I lucked out and the classes are held about one block from my house, so we can walk to and from (thus saving gas and parking fees.)  If you are from California, you know we drive EVERYWHERE, so walking the block will be a new experience for us (and GREAT excersise!)

Once those classes are over, I enrolled her (just this morning!) in swimming lessons.  It would have been nice to get them before the vacation, but that is okay.  She’ll still have one on one time with both me and Andrew in the pool/lake this coming week.  She is like a little fish already and LOVES to be in the water, and can get around pretty good with just her floatie jacket on.

What are your kids doing this summer?