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Grandma’s book

8 Jan

I’m seriously starting on this project now… my Great Aunt sent me tons of pictures and I began scanning them last night. 

When I originally was going to start this, I had scanned in some of the photos, but there was a problem and they weren’t right for the size I needed for the book.  Now I have a better software program, and after doing a few test scans, I have the method down pat.  Unfortunately, each scan takes over 3 minutes to do, and that doesn’t include any touch up time!

I have a deadline to scan them in by the end of January (so I can return them to my patient aunt), and from there, I can retouch, type in the actual story, and format the book. 

Very exciting!



24 Aug

I have several emails in my inbox that I have yet to respond to.  Between a messy house, two kids and throwing up, I find I don’t have much time to sit and write back to people!  Do I write a half-@ss response or wait until I actually have the time and let them think I am ignoring them in the meantime?  What are the netiquette rules in my case?

Four hours in the dentist’s chair

27 May

… and still no crown.  I HATE going to the dentist and have been there every week for the last 2 months while they fix my mouth.  I actually cried today as they were working on me.

They call me Yuck Mouth, cuz I don’t brush!

26 Mar

 Well, I went in for my cleaning… last week was the cleaning and laser gum treatment, and Monday was the polishing.  Fun stuff.

I’m going back next week for the left side of my mouth, then a couple weeks later for the right side.  I somehow got them down to about $1500 instead of the dreaded $2300 as they quoted me before.  Per everyone’s advice, I am foregoing the silver crap and getting the white instead.

Ain’t procrastination grand?

Procrastination Doesn’t Pay or ‘It’s going to cost me $2300 to fix my mouth’.

26 Feb

I HATE going to the dentist.  I’ve had nothing but bad experiences over the years.  So I put off going unless I absolutely need it. 

I’ve had a problem tooth for several years.  It’s my back left molar on the bottom.  Cavity. Filling. Crown. Absess. Root Canal. Crown pops off.  I swallow it.  And NO, as many have asked, I did NOT look for it afterward.  That thing was NOT going back into my mouth after passing through my intestinal tract if you get what I mean.  So I procrastinate a little more, and then the filling comes out after eating a Milk Dud.  Damn it!  Of course I had no insurance at the time AND I was pregnant.

Now, not only am I not prego, I finally have insurance. Yay!  I went in this morning, and my nasty mouth needs 11 fillings PLUS a new crown for said tooth.  ELEVEN FILLINGS??!!  I must say that I do indeed brush everyday, so I guess 6+ years of not going to the dentist has taken it’s toll.  They want to charge me $2300 (that is with my insurance ‘discount’) for new porcelain fillings.  What’s up with that? I don’t want all silver, but that is what the insurance will cover.  Grrr.

I left without making an appointment because not only to I have to ponder which avenue to take, I also need to find someone to watch the kids so I can actually sit for several hours of pain and agony while they fix my teeth.