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Sew what?

19 May

I am so done with scrapbooking & stamping!  I’ve been doing it for over ten years and have SO MUCH STUFF!  Over the last two years I’ve been paring down my collection and still have a lot.  I just gave some away to my mom and a friend, and will get more out on Ebay or Craigslist. 

My new hobby?? Sewing!  Last time I used a sewing machine was in 7th grade home ec, so I am looking forward to learning something new.  My mom has an old (80s) machine that she is going to give me this week.  I also signed up for some classes at Joann’s for next month.  Yesterday, while running errands, I stopped by there and spent two whole hours (I only had the baby with me, so I was virtually uninterrupted) just looking at the materials.  FUN!  My first class project will be a pillowcase.  I found some cute fabric and will make this for Katie.  I’ll post a picture when I complete the project.  🙂

I’m looking forward to making things for the kids, and also for my husband’s magic endeavors.  I downloaded this darling pattern off of etsy to make dresses for the girls.  What do you think??

 Caroline Dress PDF Pattern Tutorial - Frog Legs and Ponytails Boutique Pattern - Includes 9 Sizes plus Doll Pattern


What’s New

17 Apr

Well, the funeral is over.  It was a very nice service and I got to see many loved ones.  Back to normal life, I guess!  Here is my current to do list:

  1. Reschedule dental appointments.  Yuck.
  2. Get this house back into shape.  After first being sick, then spending time scanning photos and making boards for the funeral, I really need to catch up!
  3. Call my friend and wish her a happy birthday.  I almost forgot with all of the drama going on!
  4. Post some more Stampin’ Up! rubber stamp sets on Ebay.  I am really cutting down my collection.  It’s so overwhelming when you have too many supplies, and limited time to make something!  I already got rid of 50 sets last summer, and I have about 30 more that are ready to go.
  5. Start on the scrapbook for my friend’s wedding present.
  6. Call Subway and report their bathroom door.  We stopped by to take Katie to the bathroom last night, and when I opened the door it slammed on her head and she has a giant goose egg on her temple!
  7. Finish my book… I’ve been reading it forever!
  8. Actually use my Grocery Game list.  I signed up and right after my grandpa passed away, and I have yet to go through my coupons and print a list to shop with.
  9. Go to a new restaurant and use my buy 1 get 1 free meal… I just got my new Entertainment Guide and there are so many restaurants around here I didn’t know about!
  10. Scrub the cradle crap off baby’s head.  I’ve done this a few times with baby oil and a tooth brush, but it keeps coming back.

So there you go.  Nothing too exciting, but life goes on as usual.

Hella Bella!

19 Apr

Yay, I finally got my new Bella stamps in. Aren’t they cute!?img_9533.jpg

I can’t wait to make some cards with my new girls.  There is so much inspiration online!

Out with the old… in with the Bellas.

11 Apr

img_9470.jpgI’ve been stamping since 1999, when I was bit by the Stampin Up bug.  Since then, my friends and family have gotten into it as well, with some of them even becoming demonstrators.  I was one too, until I got prego with Katie, and knew I wouldn’t be able to do both. 

Over the last 8 years, I’ve bought more stamps than I know what to do with!  Since the big move, I’m more discriminatory about what I keep and what I toss/donate/sell.  That being said, I just sorted through the old stamp sets, and have put them up on Ebay.  This will give me some extra cash so I can buy some more stamp(can you say Bellas?) and scrapbook supplies.  Yippy!