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18 Sep

Wow, I’ve been quite the slacker! I’ve gotten caught up in facebook, and figured all of my family & friends would be catching up with me there, but it seems as though some of you still check back here once in awhile!

Here are some pix of the kiddos… K is now 5, G is almost 2 and N is now 18 months… getting SO big!!


Funny Kid

4 Feb

Katie was just dancing around the house. When she finished I said I was sad. Then she told me she had ‘runned out of power’. 🙂


14 Dec

Yesterday, we went to a birthday party at the park for my sister’s kids. They had a bunch of friends there… boys and girls. Katie was in heaven playing with all of these kids… especially when someone started throwing around a football. She jumped right in there and would grab the ball and run, thinking this was funny. Of course she’s playing with a bunch of 7-10 year olds, so they didn’t think it was that funny. When there was a pileup, she was on top, just laughing away. Until… she was at the bottom of the pile. On the way home she said she liked playing football, but not when the boys ‘attackled’ her. He he. We just said that if you want to play with the boys, you have to play by the rules. Otherwise, next time, she can be the cheerleader instead. 😉

White Trash?

5 Dec

This afternoon, we had to run some errands but didn’t have any cash for lunch. How ghetto are we… we spent a good hour at Costco getting free samples for our lunch. Brie on fresh bread, pita chips with hummus, Tri Tip, tamales, cheesecake and chocolate covered cookies. (just to name a few) If only they were serving some Sparkling Apple Cider to top it all off.

Has anyone else out there ever done this? I thought I was above it all, but apparently I’m not.

The Rules

14 Aug

Dear Pregnancy:

As we start our third round, I think it’s fair that we establish some ground rules this time around.

  1. I don’t mind the morning sickness so much, considering the fact that I didn’t gain any weight the last two times.  Let’s agree that if I’m going to puke every day for the next nine months, that not only will I NOT gain any weight, but that I will lose some.
  2. I understand you like to hit me with the sudden urge to pee just as I get comfortable in bed.  I’ll accept that.  But maybe you can forgo the hemorrhoids – those I can definitely do without.
  3. Each time you like to throw me a curveball and give me some strange ailment like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Restless Leg Syndrome.  Maybe this time you can be nice and give me Beautiful Skin Syndrome or Eat All the Ranch Dip You Want Syndrome.
  4. I’ll try to lay off the chili cheese fries and you be nice with the Acid Reflux.
  5. I’m all about the scheduled c-section.  Try not to let my water break and put me into labor before the scheduled date.  I’ve gone 2 pregnancies without one iota of labor, I’m ready to make it 3 for 3.
  6. I know last pregnancy we had a lot going on.  I’m trying to avoid the stress this year for both of us.  I’ll do what I can to ensure we don’t have any cancer scares or have to move again.

I think that sounds fair.  Don’t you?  And I think this is the last time we’ll have to go through all of this, so let’s make it a pleasant affair.



Potty Mouth Gramma!

22 Jun

We were taking my mom to the airport today and she sat in back with the kids.  Everyone thinks it’s so cute how Grant sucks on his little thumb (I know, “It’s cute now, but wait until he’s 6 and still doing it!”).  Sometimes we will do the whole ‘Are you sucking your FUM’ bit to him.

Well, today, Gramma had a slip up on her words and out came ‘Are you *ucking your Sum?’.  OOPS!! Andrew and I both turned around at the same time and said ‘MOM!’.   

Good thing Katie didn’t pick up on THAT!  Just what I need is her saying the F-word.  Gramma would have been in even bigger trouble!