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Saving money one coupon at a time.

10 Feb

Today at Stater Bros. I spent $41.84 and saved $39.88. Not bad. Even better was spending 39.96 at Ralphs and saving $55.42. Whoo hoo! I even got register coupons back for about $3.50 AND will get cash back from Ralphs for about $6.50 just on todays transactions. I’ll be off to Target later to get a few very cheap and/or free items.

A few of the sites helping me are:

Yeah, the couponing takes extra time, but since I’m a stay at home mom, I MAKE the time.  Cutting costs are part of my job.

Also, in these hard times many stores are accepting expired coupons.  My husband found a coupon for Harbor Freight that expired yesterday, and he called and spoke to the manager who said he would accept it as long as he brought it in.  (20% makes a difference!)  Also, many restaurants are doing the same (Pat & Oscars to name just one), so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Anyone else want to share their ideas?


Save some money now!

2 Apr

For all of you poor people like me money-savers out there, The 2008 Entertainment Book is on sale for only $15.00 (and FREE shipping!).  I’ve bought these in the past and they have 50% off savings at several local restaurants, fast food chains, movie theaters, theme parks, etc.  $15 is a steal at this point… for some it is the cost of one dinner!   This is a great way to take the family out for cheap or to try a new restaurant.